Sometimes economy becomes an issue for undergraduate students especially for some careers which demand extra expenses in certain materials, literature or tools required for your ideal performance. In any case, most college students have experienced some time the lack of enough money for their personal maintenance but even more, sometimes people can’t attend college because of the impossibility of affording the cost of their university of choice.

Student loans are an option that you might consider if any of these situations is familiar to you but it is necessary to give it a thought and get assured that getting a student loan is a good idea in your specific case.

First of all, you need to determine that there is a real necessity. Remember that you will have to pay back after graduating, so be sure you start building a plan and always focus on your future first job while you’re attending your classes. Never lose sight of that if you think you’ll go for it.

Secondly, you should consider how much your career is demanded in your country or anywhere you intend to work. That will give you a hint of the probabilities of finding a job right after graduating.

Third, you may want to aim for a job that pays enough to cover the loan fee every month. This aspect is strongly associated to the type of career you’re going to follow regarding its potential income as well as the amount of the loan you consider to take.

Some countries give information about the most demanding careers, how many jobs will be open for the next years and also the estimate level of earnings that a professional in your area should expect to make.

Another thing you must have clear is how the repayment process will be, especially in the international scholarships. Some loans offer a grace period, some other do not. Some loans are repaid with a percentage applied on your monthly income and others have a fixed amount.

Finally, don’t get too excited if you qualify for more than one loan and you get more than one offer. As said before, remember you’ll have to pay back later and only accept what you really need and what you will be able to pay, based on the above statements. Getting a student loan van totally be a great way of coping up with your expenses as long as you think it through and make a good plan from the start.

Is it a good idea to get a student loan?

Of course! This website presents a selection of scholarships for studies, research and practices for short, medium and long term stays. In general, it offers scholarships offered by government authorities, international organizations and private foundations.
And remember, scholarships are investments to help you pay for your educational expenses that never have to be paid back!

Chevening Scholarships

The government of the United Kingdom has developed a program of international awards that seek to encourage leadership and high quality education worldwide. Under the name of Chevening, this program offers scholarships and fellowships to students that are selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world.

Along with developing student’s high potential, one important objective of Chevening program is to give international students an opportunity to experience life in the UK and a close contact with British culture and creating solid relationships between worldwide countries as well as creating a whole global network of renowned professionals.

Chevening Scholarships in Nigeria are aimed to student’s intending to enroll into a one-year’s Master at any university of the United Kingdom, especially those related to the fields of Agricultural research, Environmental Science, Financial Services, Detentions, Human Rights, Humanitarian Crises, Good Governance, Infectious disease, Job Creation, Law, Media, Power Generation, Prison Services, Prosperity, Rehabilitation, Science and Innovation, Security and Small Scale Business.

The application process starts in August and it’s open until November and you can apply online at

Once you’ve applied for the Chevening scholarship, you will be informed about the status on a regular basis via e-mail. You will be able to follow that in the online system by using your user and password. The selection process takes at least 8 months.

Besides having a study offer in a British University from one of three courses you can select in your application, English proficiency is also required and it must be proved with one of the following tests unless you claim an exemption based on the UKVI exempt categories:

  • Academic IELTS
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CEA)
  • Pearson PTE Academic

Be aware that not only you must meet the Chevening language requirement but also you have to fulfill the particular criteria that each university states, regarding the type of tests accepted as proficiency proofs as well as the minimum scores required. Tuition fees, travel costs to and from the UK, a thesis grant, the cost of the visa application, are part of the expenses covered by the program.

Many scholarships are granted every year thanks to the organizations and partners that sponsor the programs and make a worldwide spread of the scholarship possible. Universities, companies and other institutions are members of the great group of partners and they are fully committed to support Chevening Scholarships in each of their countries.

Birmingham Scholarships for Nigeria students

The University of Birmingham offers scholarships for international undergraduate and postgraduate level courses.

Nigeria is the second country with the largest amount of new international students with more the 250 following both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

For the Nigerian students, the University of Birmingham / UKEAS Nigeria Outstanding Achievement Scholarships program is available only for undergraduate studies in the following areas: Arts and Law, Life and Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences.

4 scholarships of £5,000 each are given to those high level students coming from Nigeria and that intend to start an undergraduate course in the next academic period.

The UK Educational Advisory Service (UKEAS) has 6 offices in Nigeria where you can find all the information you need as well as the necessary advice for UK studies. These are located at the locations of Abuja, Ikeja, Ibadan, Enugu, Port-Harcourt and Victoria Island.
To be considered eligible, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have received an offer and selected the University of Birmingham as your firm choice for any full time undergraduate program (only first year students)
  • Have the academic level required for the program
  • Be a Nigerian Citizen and live in Nigeria
  • Be classed by the University as an overseas fee payer for tuition fee payment. Should be able to fund the remaining costs of their studies at Birmingham from other sources
  • Start your studies at Birmingham on the right time as the scholarship award may not be deferred.
  • Be registered in one (only one) of the local representatives. Registration must have your undergraduate study application attached.
  • Have accepted an offer from the University of Birmingham and be in contact with UKEAS representatives by the specific dates.

To apply for the scholarship you need to have accepted an offer from the University of Birmingham and be in contact with UKEAS.

A high academic performance is the main selection basis for awarding the scholarship and a complementary interview will be made whether in person or via Skype. The scholarships will be announced shortly after this interview. Remember that current students at the University of Birmingham are not eligible for the award.

Another special option for Nigerian students is the Northern Consortium UK Scholarships, a fund launched for their 25th anniversary which is available to students from China, Nigeria and South Korea. 3 scholarships worth £5,000 will be awarded in the following areas:

  • Engineering and Physical Science
  • Business and Management
  • Open (all programs)

In order to apply, students need to be registered for the International Foundation Year. The scholarship will be awarded to the best performing students.

Newcastle scholarships for Nigerians

Newcastle University, located in UK, is an institution that cares for offering a global experience in higher education as well as an excellent quality of learning and research. International students get to enjoy a warm welcome and stay in the campus, with more than 200 societies that students can join including the International Society which favors the approach between students from different countries, promoting cultural diversity and also helping them settle in their new campus.

African students are given several study opportunities in Newcastle University and specifically, they offer scholarships for Nigerian students, in an effort for making a contribution for the country’s development.

Undergraduate students from Nigeria can apply to a general scholarships for international students, officially addressed as International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship, which is intended for international students starting a first degree at Newcastle University and covers the partial amount of 1.500 pounds in the first year of students. Although there are course specific requirements for entry, generally students are demanded to have a minimum IDPF average of 60% and IELTS 6.5 and GPA of 3.2 in the National Diploma.
Also, Newcastle University awards 3 scholarships for Nigerian students who intend to enter a post graduate program.

The Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship covers 5.000 pounds and it’s addressed to high level Nigerian students that are applying for any of the postgraduate Master’s degree programs at Newcastle University. Besides academic merit and qualifications, the content of a personal statement will also be considered.

For being considered as eligible, students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Being a citizen of Nigeria or a permanent resident of the country.
  2. Holding a Conditional or Unconditional offer of a place on a postgraduate Master’s degree program at Newcastle University, Newcastle city campus when applying for the scholarship.
  3. Holding a Second Class Upper degree or higher from a recognized Nigerian University.
  4. Having been object of assessment as international/overseas (for fees purposes).
  5. Being registered for starting your program during the 2016-17 academic year. You must have a Distinction in the Post Higher National Diploma or a have obtained your Bachelor degree with certain academic levels.
  6. Not being granted any other scholarship by Newcastle University.

If you are eligible for the Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship and you want to apply for it, you just have to fill the application form online and check the country specific scholarships regulations.

How to study in the United States with a scholarship?

The American university system is among the most expensive in the world. In this sense, obtaining a college scholarship is sometimes necessary to study in the best possible conditions. However, obtaining a scholarship to study in the US is not at all easy and requires a personal investment on your part and certain skills. This article enlightens you on the path to follow to study in the United States with a scholarship.

Mastering English

Pretending to study in the United States is first master the main working language is English. Indeed, this language is a must when you want to integrate the American university. It is also one of the basic criteria for obtaining a scholarship to study in the United States. However, the failure to master English does not prevent you from pretending to study. Most universities offer English upgrade programs to the candidate to integrate as quickly as possible the curriculum.

Have excellent academic results

After the requirement on good command of English, followed by educational outcomes that must above all be very good. Indeed, the US government offers scholarships for students with impeccable academic record. In addition, most are offered scholarships for students of the 2nd or 3rd round. For lower levels, obtaining the purse is often subjected to very heavy steps and often not accessible. Thus, we must say that it is easier to study in another country with a scholarship than do the United States.

The stock market “athletic” special award

In the United States, unlike other countries, students who have enviable athletic abilities can claim a scholarship to study at universities. Thus, we need to take advantage of specific sports skills to qualify for this type of scholarship. However, eligibility is on a case by case basis depending on the type of sport, student performance and all the elements of his case, including a good academic level and English proficiency).

A rigorous study of the student’s file

To study in the United States with a scholarship, it is necessary to make a convincing case, because it will be closely studied in the selections. The applicant may also be required to attend an interview which aims to present its program in detail, evaluate his skills and adaptability.