2012-2013 Call for PhD Positions in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at University of Rome, Italy

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Within the framework of an ERC starting grant (MORPHOSIS) entitled “Morphing Locally and Globally Structures with Multiscale Intelligence by Mimicking Nature”, two positions for PhD students are available in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Rome, RomaTre (Material Science group). The project aims at developing innovative bio-inspired morphing materials with the help of a novel multi-scale (from nano to macro) and multi-physics approach. ERC starting grants are particularly designed to support the creation of excellent new research teams and are rewarded on a strongly competitive basis.The objective of the proposed research is to engineer novel multifunctional morphing materials drawing inspiration from biological systems. This will be achieved through the development of novel multi-scale technologies (from nanoto macro) and materials that, once integrated, will allow distributed local/global sensing and morphing capabilities that can be exploited for structural as well as for eminently flexible applications. The project also includes the development of nano/micro-scaled active and passive devices (MEMS and NEMS) based on graphene, carbon nanotubes and other nanostructured materials. This research has the potential to pave the way toward the development of new multidisciplinary research fields and could revolutionarize the design and production of future structures and devices in an extremely wide variety of fields.

We are looking for highly motivated students with particular inclination toward innovation and crossing disciplinary boundaries. Eligible PhD candidates must preferably have a background in at least one of the following fields: aeronautical/aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, material science, physics, electrical/electronic engineering, bio-engineering, process engineering. Candidates with a different background from those listed above, but that have experimental or theoretical experience in one of the following topics: morphing structures/materials, nano-materials, nanocharacterizaion of materials, MEMS, NEMS, nano/microfabrication and testing, shape memory polymers, piezoelectrics, complex circuit designs, signal processing, programming or computer science, are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Deadline: September 6, 2012

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