2012-2013 Santander Scholarships for Master’s Students at Oxford Brookes University, UK

Santander is awarding postgraduate scholarships to new master’s students at Oxford Brookes on an annual basis. This year up to six awards of ?5,000 will be made to students starting their programmes in September 2012. Successful applicants will also receive a further 10% discount on their tuition fees from Oxford Brookes. For the past five years, Santander has awarded postgraduate scholarships to the new master’s students at Oxford Brookes on an annual basis. The scholarship fund aims to reward the most academically gifted students from Universities that are supported by the Santander Universidades Scheme. The award is given to students from named institutions in the following countries: Argentina Brazil Chile China Colombia Mexico Puerto Rico Russia Singapore Spain Portugal Uruguay USA UK

To apply you must be: a national from one of the Santander network countries listed above; studying at, or a graduate from, a university in the Santander Universidades scheme; expecting to have, or already have, a good UK bachelor honours degree or equivalent degree from your home country; in possession of a formal offer to a full time master’s degree at Oxford Brookes University for the following year.