2012 Curtin University Completion Scholarships for Postgraduate Students, Australia

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Curtin University Completion Scholarship Scheme is designed to provide financial assistance to Doctoral candidates during the final four months of their full time thesis enrolment. Scholarships are valued at $6,000 over 4 months. The Stipend will be paid in three equal instalments: $2,000 at the beginning of the award; $2,000 at the completion of 2 months subject to a satisfactory milestone report is received from the supervisor; and $2,000 on submission of thesis for examination by the proposed date as agreed at the commencement of the scholarship. A further thesis allowance of up to $200 may be payable upon submission of receipts.

The Eligibility criteria is as follows: -Applicants must be currently enrolled on a full time basis in a research Doctoral degree at Curtin University of Technology; -Applicants must not currently be in receipt of any scholarship support; -Applicants must be able to commence the scholarship within 6 months from date of receiving the scholarship offer; -Applicants must not have consumed more than 3 years and 8 months full-time equivalent enrolment by 1st July 2012; -Applicants must remain enrolled full-time during the tenure of the award; -and Applicants must not already hold a Doctoral degree deemed equivalent to the educational level of an Australian Doctoral degree.

Deadline: Applications open: 1/07/2012, 31 July 2012

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