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2012 International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Cell Biology and Bioengineering, Germany

PhD students of the International PhD Program will receive financial support for the duration of their thesis. Financial support is granted via one of two types of funding, (i) fellowships or (ii) working contracts. The type of funding a student receives is dependent upon the specific source of funding for each student, and is defined by the available resources of the hosting group leader and the hosting organization. Due to the availability of resources, the type of funding may change during the course of the PhD thesis. Fellowships are tax free and do not include any contributions to social insurances. Health insurance is compulsory and individual arrangements are to be made by the fellow (with the help of the PhD program office).

Predoctoral fellows of the International PhD Program are registered as PhD students at the TUD, and obtain their doctoral degree from the TUD. More information about the matriculation procedure, which is only relevant for PhD students admitted to the program