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2012 Nyenrode Revolving Scholarship Program for European Students, Netherlands

These scholarships are provided by Nyenrode alumni. You are not just a Nyenrodian during your study, you are a Nyenrodian for life, where each Nyenrodian gives back to our community in continuance of our 65 year old tradition. All scholarships provided by Nyenrode Fund and Nyenrode Business Universiteit are revolving scholarships. That means that by accepting the scholarship, the winning student accepts the moral (not legal) obligation to contribute in kind and in amount for a scholarship for future students by becoming a donor of the Nyenrode Fund in the years following graduation. The winner will be asked to sign a document in which he/she acknowledges that his/her study at Nyenrode was made possible through the gifts of the alumni and morally commits him/herself to offer that same opportunity to a future student. The scholarships thereby “revolve” and remain durable and sustainable and the connection between the generations of the alumni gets yet another very practical and relevant aspect. When you graduate, you will join the 15,000 alumni worldwide who live in more than 80 countries: a remarkable community of proactive and globally-minded alumni.

As it is a Europe-specific event, the event is only open to all European nationalities who are residing in Europe at the time of the event.