2012 PhD Fellowship in Dairy Microbiology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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The PhD will be part of the project “A Pinch of Salt”, which deals the effects of reduced salt content in cheese. The overall aim is to study the effect hereof on cheese structure, texture, flavour and the microbiology of the starter culture, together with exploring alternative ingredients and/or technologies that can support these parameters in low-salt cheese. The present PhD study will focus on the microbiological aspect of the project.

-Master in Food Science is required -Experience with growth and application of Lactic Acid Bacteria in the dairy industry is required -Knowledge of processes of Danish cheeses would be preferred -The grade point average achieved Professional qualifications relevant to the PhD programme -Previous publications Relevant work experience -Other professional activities -Language skills -Interpersonal skills -Marks obtained during the first year of study on the master programme (only relevant for applicants applying for a 4-year scholarship)

Deadline: 26-06-2012

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