2012 PhD Fellowship in Rural Livelihoods and Agricultural Transformation in Africa, 2012

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Different types of structural change and rural dynamics drive rural-urban resource flows, shape diverse patterns of agricultural development and determine the opportunities for rural development, including the upgrading and intensification of agriculture and related activities. In turn, rural livelihoods are influenced by such agricultural transformation processes that may influence the degree of multi-activity and multi-locality in householdsĀ“ livelihoods. The PhD study should thus focus on the linkages and multiple feedbacks between structural change, agricultural transformation and rural livelihoods and specifically address how these processes affect the rural-urban mobility patterns of households. It is expected that the PhD study will be using both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to understand the complex processes driving rural livelihood and agricultural transformations.

The candidate is expected to have a master degree in geography or other relevant degree. We expect that the candidate will publish in international peer?reviewed journals, write a PhD thesis within the project duration of three years and assist in teaching within the Department. Highly motivated candidates with a relevant MSc degree are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: September 17th, 2012

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