2012 PhD Position in Medical Science at Uppsala University, Sweden 2012

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We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated person to work on a motion vision project. The project will focus on the neurophysiological mechanisms that enable neurons to generate sensory specificity. Our lab works on higher order inter-neurons specialized for the detection of visual motion. We primarily use intracellular electrophysiology to study how single neurons respond to visual stimuli. We are interested in how animals with relatively simple nervous systems are able to perform complicated visually guided maneuvers in real time. The research could potentially involve training in behavioral studies, neuroscience and programming.The PhD student will primarily concentrate on their own doctoral research within the agreed time. Other departmental work, such as teaching and administrative tasks may be included, but shall not exceed 20%. The PhD position requires that the holder is, or will be, to a program of postgraduate studies, for which ability to benefit from research training is critical.

-Students with a background in neurobiology, behavioral studies, anatomy or modeling will be given preference. -Suitable education is a masters or equivalent (like civil engineering) in biology or computer science. -Good grades are warranted. -Experience in one or several of the following subjects is beneficial: neuroscience, sensory biology, programming, behavioral studies, electrophysiology. -It is important that you are focused on results, are structured and independent and strongly motivated. -You should also be good at communicating in English, and you should be able to work independently as well as part of a group.

Deadline: 25 September, 2012

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