2012 PhD Position in System Ecotoxicology at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany

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Field-investigations show that species populations in the wild are effected at exposure concentrations far below those predicted by the current risk assessment framework. The research work will contribute to understand basic mechanism responsible for this mismatch of prediction and reality. Based on this improved understanding this work will suggest a improved approach on predicting effect of toxicants on ecosystems. The methodological approach includes literature analysis, laboratory and mesocosm experiments The conceptual approach is to assess, how toxic effects propagate through different levels of biological organization.

Master or diploma degree in biology, environmental sciences or related fields – good experiences in biostatistics and modeling are appreciated.excellent research opportunities within our motivated and interdisciplinary department – System Ecotoxicology, that is world-wide recognized for the research in landscape-level risk assessment of pesticides – excellent research opportunities within the UFZ, that presents international competence centre for systemic, interdisciplinary environmental research in the Helmholtz Association – links to different projects in the UFZ and international links to projects in Australia, Africa, Europe, and Russia

Deadline: 31st May 2012

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