2012 PhD Scholarship in Geochemistry at Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Lab, Australia

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In order to predict how our water and soil resources will be able to cope with future climate change, we can study sedimentary records to decipher how the landscape has responded to past climate variability. This project will use isotope geochemistry to re–construct variations in chemical weathering (which shapes the global carbon cycle), soil erosion and sediment transport in rivers. Isotopic systems used will be lithium, boron or uranium-series isotopes, which all provide different constraints on Earth surface processes.You will integrate the Wollongong Isotope Geochronology Lab led by Dr Anthony Dosseto and currently already composed of several international PhD students. You will have access to a brand new clean laboratory facility with all the equipments required for your project.

-A strong knowledge in (geo)chemistry is required, as well as comfortable knowledge in mathematics -You must be keen on laboratory work -You must have a Master or B.Sci. with Honours 1st class, or equivalent. You must also have already published a paper -You will be first applying to be short-listed. If you are selected, you will then be applying at the University level.

Deadline: 01 October

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