2012 PhD Student Position in Diamond Electronics at Uppsala University, Sweden

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The position is within the field of diamond electronic devices and electronic properties of CVD diamond. Diamond is a material with extreme material properties and in particular many extreme properties as a semiconductor. It has recently become possible to manufacture films of high purity single crystalline diamond, which opens up the possibility to utilize these properties in future electronic devices. The attractive material properties of diamond like high band gap, high carrier mobilities, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field strength, radiation hardness, chemically inert, etc., make it a very interesting semiconductor material for high power and high frequency devices and applications. Designs and fabrication techniques different from conventional methods have to be employed to realize electronic devices based on thin film Single crystalline chemical vapour deposited (SC-CVD) diamond. Diamond is considered to be the material for future high power, high frequency, high temperature devices like high-power Schottky diodes, MESFETs etc for application in power electronics, fast switching transistors and for extreme conditions.

We seek a strong candidate with Masters degree in Engineering Physics or Electrical/Electronics engineering with some experience in one or more of: – Semiconductor device physics – Semiconductor material characterisation – Micro/Nano structures & technology -The PhD position is for four years, but can be extended up to five years including departmental work like teaching, up to 20% of the working time.

Deadline: 2012-09-30

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