2012 Postdoctoral Position at Jagiellonian University, Poland

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We are looking for a post-doc willing to work on the project “Activation of small molecules in photocatalytic systems”. The project is realized at Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. Activation of small molecules attracts a particular attention of researchers working in the fields of chemistry, medicine, biology and environmental protection. Reactivity of activated oxygen, water, nitric oxide plays an indispensable role in biology and medicine. Although reactive oxygen species formed in the processes of O2 and H2O activation are toxic for living cells, they can be used in various therapeutic strategies. The goal of this project is to elaborate various types of heterogeneous (semiconductor-based) photocatalytic systems, preferably active upon visible light irradiation, which would enable activation of small molecules used then for useful chemical transformations. The project assumes design and synthesis of new photocatalysts in the form of colloids, suspensions or films, tests of their photoactivity and detailed studies of mechanisms of processes taking place at the solid-liquid or solid-gas interfaces.

-PhD degree in chemistry or material sciences -No more than 4 years from completion of PhD -Good experience in photochemistry/photocatalysis and material science -At least basic experience with microbiological tests will be advantageous -Good papers published in international journals -Good command in English.

Deadline: September 16 th , 2012

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