2012 Postdoctoral Position in Translational Neurobiology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

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The ideal candidate should be able to conduct independent and creative research, demonstrating scientific productivity, and show good interpersonal and communication skills. Our main focus is on the control of brain energy metabolism and blood flow in health and disease (including aging) and on multicellular calcium waves, specifically calcium waves in astrocytes which may be an important aging mechanism. Our strength is in vivo physiology in mice and rats using basic electrophysiological and laser-optic techniques, transgenic mice, and 2-photon microscopy. The applicant will work with fluorescent calcium imaging in mouse and rat cerebral cortex in relation to blood flow control and oxygen metabolism.

-The candidate is required to have a PhD or equivalent degree in natural or medical science -Excellent scientific track record -Prior experience in application of 2-photon microscopy for functional analyses of brain activity in mice in vivo -Prior experience in mouse surgery -Knowledge in calcium physiology and glutamate receptors -Experience in mathematical modeling Good communication skills, both oral and written -An analytical aptitude of devising innovative scientific or technical solutions. -Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, flexibility and confidence

Deadline: 07-09-2012

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