2012 Roux, Howard, Cantarini Postdoctoral Fellowships at The Institute Pasteur, France

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The Institut Pasteur offers post-doctoral fellowships through Emile Roux (Pasteur-Roux Fellowship Program) and through the legacies of Ms Irma Howard, in memory of her husband Mr Frank Howard (Pasteur-Howard fellowship), and Ms Paola Marchetti-Cantarini, in memory of her husband Mr Manlio Cantarini (Pasteur-Cantarini fellowship). These contracts are for up to two years and are intended to fund a first or a second post-doctoral internship for scientists wishing to extend their training and contribute their expertise to research at Institut Pasteur.

Candidates must have defended their PhD thesis less than 4 years before they take up their fellowship. These contracts can not fund the first post-doctoral internship of a former Institut Pasteur PhD student. Candidates must be presented by a head of unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform, with whom the contents of the application should be discussed prior to submission. The unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform structure may present only one candidate per session and fellowships will not be awarded funding to the same unit, laboratory, G5 group or platform in two consecutive calls for candidates.

Deadline: Spring Session: Friday 16th March 2012, Autumn Session: Friday 14th September 2012

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