2013 AFFIRM MPhil Fellowship in Public Mental Health, South Africa

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The AFrica Focus on Intervention Research for Mental Health (AFFIRM) is a research and capacity development Hub established in 6 countries: South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Ethiopia, with the following aims: – to investigate strategies for narrowing the treatment gap for mental disorders in sub-Saharan Africa, – to build individual and institutional capacity for intervention research in sub-Saharan Africa, – to establish a network of collaboration between researchers, NGOs and government agencies that facilitates the translation of research knowledge into policy and practice and – to collaborate with other regional hubs. In order to meet its aim of building capacity for intervention research, AFFIRM is offering 5 fellowships to candidates from Hub countries (excluding South Africa) to complete the MPhil in Public Mental Health in the Centre for Public Mental Health in 2013.

be from Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi or Ethiopia, successfully gain entry to the MPhil in Public Mental Health (the details of this programme is included in this call overleaf), and undertake a research project that is aligned with the goal of AFFIRM, which is to use task shifting interventions to narrow the treatment gap in sub-Saharan Africa.

Deadline: 28 September 2012

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