2013 Call for Applications: NRF Freestanding Postdoctoral Fellowship, South Africa

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The National Research Foundation (NRF) is mandated through an Act of Parliament (Act No.23 of 1998) to support and promote research through funding, human capacity development and the provision of the necessary research facilities, in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in all fields of the natural and social sciences, humanities and technology, including indigenous knowledge systems. Funding from the NRF parliamentary grant has been made available for postdoctoral research support.The programme supports South African full-time fellows who wish to pursue research at publicly funded South African Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) and Science Councils. A small number of fellowships are also made available for South African fellows who wish to pursue their postdoctoral research on a full-time basis at recognised universities abroad. Outstanding foreign fellows will be considered for full-time research in South Africa.

The following eligibility criteria listed below applies: -Fellowships are open to South African citizens for full-time research at institutions in South African and approved institutions abroad • Outstanding foreign candidates that wish to pursue full-time post-doctoral research in South Africa -Exceptional doctoral graduates who recently received their doctoral degrees within the last five years and who wish to undertake research are encouraged to apply -Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, taking into account the applicants’ academic achievements, outputs and research potential. Research outputs weigh heavily in the assessment of the application and applicants are encouraged to ensure a full list of their publications and activities are included when they complete the CV details of the application. The application can be deemed incomplete if a list of research outputs is not included -Fellowship will preferably not be granted to an individual in the same university department immediately after completion of a doctoral degree at that institution. Special consideration will be given to applicants where the individual’s research training and outputs may be enhanced by continuing with postdoctoral research at the same institution or under the same mentor. In such instances the applicant must provide a detailed motivation describing the benefits to the applicant and for advancing innovation -Applicants must have obtained their previous degree in the minimum prescribed period. An exception is made for Black (African, Coloured and Indian) students who may have taken an additional year to complete their previous degree -Applicants that are applying for a third round of post-doctoral support are not eligible -Full- time employees of Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) are not eligible to apply -All NRF fellowship awards should be help as primary funding towards the research study -Fellowships must not be held simultaneously with a fellowship from any other government or NRF source or NRF administered source -Fellowship-holders are allowed to hold non- binding supplementary grants or emoluments to the institutional capped value for the level of study -Fellowship-holders must not hold full-time salaried employment during the tenure of the award -Fellowship-holders will be allowed to undertake a maximum of 12 hours of teaching, tutorials, assistance or demonstrations duties per week on average during the year of study and may be remunerated for these duties, provided that they are reimbursed at a rate not exceeding the normal institution tariff for services rendered.

Deadline: 15 September 2012

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