2nd Joint Call Research Proposal in Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development, 2012

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Applicants may apply for a bonus (top-up) of up to € 100.000 for multilateral programmes (see 3.1) These funds should be used to engage an additional researcher (who has already obtained a PhD) working in a third country within the additional research consortium involved. The preliminary proposal (pre-proposal) should include a description of the plans for elaborating the full proposal, indicating the (scientific and societal) partners/stakeholders that will be involved in this, and including description of the intended local workshop/meeting(s) to enhance personal engagement of partners in the developing country involved. Applicants invited to submit their full proposal will receive a grant as a contribution towards organising this joint proposal workshop.

The call will be open to joint applications from eligible researchers from one or more of the subscribing countries1 in partnership with one or more research groups from developing countries (DCs), identified as Low and Middle-Income countries2, with a preference for those in SSA; – The main applicant (PI) should be a researcher from an organisation acknowledged by and eligible to apply for funding from either ESRC 3, NWO4, RCN5 or PRB6 or should be a senior researcher (with a PhD-degree) from a research institution with public interest in Sub-Saharan Africa; – The call is thus open for integrated applications by (a) ‘bilateral partnerships’ between consortia of eligible researchers from one of the subscribing countries (NL, NO, UK, USA) and their developing country partners and (b)’ multilateral partnerships’ between consortia of eligible researchers from two different subscribing countries and their developing country partners. Preferentially this includes linking up of institutions in different DCs, but this is not a prerequisite. A scientific justification for the multilateral combination should be given. The composition of possible eligible consortia is illustrated at the end of this paragraph; – For all main applicants partnership with one co-applicant (bilateral initiative) or more co-applicants (multilateral initiative) is a prerequisite;

Deadline: March 15 2012

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