Call for Application: PhD for International Students at University of Camerino, Italy 2012

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The University of Camerino School of Advanced Studies (hereafter SAS) is opening a call for participation in doctoral courses (28th cycle).The course lasts three years with a final thesis to be written in English. In addition to the preparation of the final thesis, doctoral candidates are expected to participate in training activities organized by the SAS. Conducting some research in public or private laboratories external to the host University is strongly encouraged. To attain the final qualification there should be at least six months residence at a non-Italian research or higher education Institution.Scholarships will be awarded to the best doctoral candidates and will have a duration of three years. Results will be monitored each year. At least 25 scholarships are awarded: two scholarships are funded under the programme Marie Curie Actions – Initial Training Networks with title cQOM- Cavity Quantum Optomechanics (cQOM.and are reserved for the Area of Research: Science and technology, PhD curriculum in Physics. Details on the research topics related to these two scholarships (“Optomechanics in a membrane-in-the-middle setup” and “Optomechanics in the strong coupling regime”.

-The selection is open to graduates, regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality, in possession of a five-year university degree or the laurea specialistica/magistrale or its nonItalian equivalent. In cases where the university degree of the candidate is not officially recognized as being equivalent, the SAS board will rule on the validity of the degree qualification obtained abroad for the sole purpose of allowing participation in the admission process -The selection is also open to candidates who do not already possess the required degree, provided that conferral takes place by October 31, 2012. In this case, admission will be conditional, and the candidate will be required, in accordance with Italian law to present the degree certificate or a notarised copy before November 12, 2012.

Deadline: September 15, 2012

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