Ian Scott PhD Scholarship in Mental Health, Australia 2013

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Australian Rotary Health is a multi-district project for Rotary in Australia, with over 1,150 Rotary Clubs and 38,000 Rotarians supporting it. Australian Rotary Health has channelled more than $28 million in Australian research projects over its 30 year history. Since its inception, Australian Rotary Health’s emphasis has been on community health with its current emphasis on Mental Health. To qualify, projects must be undertaken within a university, public hospital, research institute or other body approved under Section 78 of the Income Assessment Act.

– Applicants must be an Australian Citizen or have Permanent Resident Status and not be under bond to any foreign government. – Applicants are to provide evidence of citizenship or residential status. – Applications must be relevant to the field of Mental Health research. – Only applicants about to commence, or those already engaged in their first or second year of a PhD are eligible to apply for the Ian Scott Scholarship.

Deadline: 5th October 2012

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