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Joint International in Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Program, 2012/13

Cognitive Neuroscience is concerned with how cognitive and emotional functions are implemented via the architecture of the human brain. A key factor in the development of this discipline has been the integration of several academic disciplines that have historically been quite separate. These include: cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy.

An Italian university degree of 5 years (vecchio ordinamento or laurea specialistica/magistrale, 3+2 years). For foreign applicants: before entering the PhD Program students must (i) complete a 3 years period to get their degree in Psychology, Neuroscience or in other relevant subjects, and (ii) complete the further 2 years period to get a Masters Degree. Thus, students will not be accepted into this PhD Program without previous University training of 5 years (3 + 2).