PhD Position in Mesoscale Simulations of Aerosol-cloud Interactions, Germany 2012

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We offer a position for a PhD student in the DFG-funded research unit INUIT (Ice Nuclei Research Unit). The position is located at IMK-AAF in the Helmholtz Young Investigators Group “Aerosol effects on cloud ice, precipitation and climate” With the help of the mesoscale model COSMO, you are going to study aerosol-cloud interactions in mixed-phase orographic clouds. You will apply the model to different case studies and compare to field measurements. You will closely collaborate with other scientists in the INUIT research unit. The results are going to be presented at project meetings, workshops, international conferences and in scientific publications.

You have completed your degree in meteorology, physics or a comparable field of study. Experiences in programming (Fortran, Unix shell scripts), presentation and writing skills, and a good knowledge of oral and written English are required. A background in cloud and aerosol physics and atmospheric modelling is preferred.

Deadline: 31.01.2012

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