PhD Position in Physics and Astronomy at Ghent University, 2012 Belgium

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The aim of this PhD project is development of a detailed biophysical model which integrates description of the electrical and mechanical function of the human heart from the cellular to the whole organ level. Electromechanical modelling of the heart is one of the latest trends in cardiac modelling. It is widely believed that such models will provide new important insights in the mechanisms of sudden cardiac death which is the leading cause of mortality in the industrialized world.

We seek a motivated candidate with broad interest in biophysics, biomedical engineering, integrative computational and mathematical biology. Prior experience in cardiac modelling is an advantage, but not necessary. Your work will include numerical integration of partial differential equations describing wave propagation in the heart and cardiac mechanics. Numerical methods used for integration of these equations are the finite difference and finite element methods.

Deadline: 2012-09-30

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