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PhD Position in Robust & Resilient Railway Timetables at TU Delft University, Netherlands

The PhD project ‘Robust and resilient railway timetables’ is part of the European project ‘Optimal Networks for Train Integration Management across Europe’ (ON-TIME) funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme. It aims at designing robust and resilient timetables that maximise capacity, ensure fluidity of train movements, and can cope with daily statistical variations in operations and minor perturbations. Essential for generating the timetable are reliable estimates for the process times: running times, dwell times, headway times, etc. These can be determined either by computation or by monitoring train movements in operations, the latter based on track section occupation times or on GPS data. Blocking time diagrams are often used for computing running times and minimum headway times, and the resulting infrastructure capacity occupation.

The applicant should have a Master’s degree in civil engineering, mathematics, computer science or a related field, and preferably have a strong interest in railway operations, timetabling, and data analysis. Fluency in spoken and written English is an essential requirement.