PhD Positions in Immunology and Microbiology at Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

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Your doctoral research work concerns the study of angiogenic (blood vessel forming) and tumor-inducing properties of the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Our research team has years of expertise in virology and cancer. Recently, we have several cellular proteins have been identified whose expression is regulated by the HCV. In this work we will try (i) the HCV proteins that are responsible for identifying, (ii) the cellular pathways that are activated by these proteins to unravel and (iii) to identify steps in the angiogenic process are affected.

– You have a Master Degree in Medicine, Biomedical, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Sciences or equivalent. On the diploma requirements must be met by date of appointment (final year students can also be a candidate); – You have a good knowledge of and strong interest in, the biomedical research; – You have experience in education support services, or who are willing to take; – You are creative, like to take initiative and work independently; – You have good teaching and communication skills and you have the necessary sense of responsibility. – Your mother tongue is Dutch, necessary for the frequent contact with undergraduates

Deadline: 2012-06-29

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