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PhD Research Fellowship in Molecular Biology at University of Oslo, 2012 Norway

A position is available for a highly motivated student in the field of epigenetics. This project focuses on the role of chromatin proteins during embryonic stem cell differentiation and in cancer cells. Changes to histones are very influential in regulation of chromatin structure and thereby gene expression. Therefore, aberrations in exchange of core histones may contribute to cancer development, however the mechanisms remain unclear. To elucidate these mechanisms the candidate will use genetic, biochemical and genome-wide approaches such as in vitro chromatin assembly, immunohistochemistry, engineering using zinc-finger nucleases, and ChIP-Seq.

Applicants must hold a good Master’s degree or equivalent in molecular biology, cell biology, biotechnology or biochemistry.The purpose of the fellowship is research training leading to the successful completion of a PhD degree. The fellowship requires admission to the research training programme at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. An approved plan for the research training, including a project outline, must be submitted no later than two months after taking up the position, and the admission must be approved within three months.