PhD Student Position in Metaproteomics and Metabolomics, Germany 2012

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The position is integrated in the subproject ‘Elucidation of anaerobic benzene and alkylated aromatic compound degradation pathways and associated proteins by proteomic and metabolomic analyses’. The project aims to detect key proteins and metabolites involved in anaerobic benzene and alkylated compound degradation. Methods used will include anaerobic cultivation, protein preparation and LC-MS/MS analyses of proteins (LTQ Orbitrap MS). The detection of the active species and the catabolic enzymes in enrichment cultures will be carried out by Protein-Stable Isotope Probing (Protein-SIP) experiments (Jehmlich et al., 2010, Nature Protocols, 5,1957-1966). A total metabolomic screening of the culture as well as specific CoA-Ester identifications will be performed by Q-TOF MS or LTQ Orbitrap MS.

The UFZ is an equal opportunity employer. Women are explicitly encouraged to apply for increase their share in science and research. Physically handicapped persons will be favoured if they are equally qualified.

Deadline: 30.01.2012

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