Postdoctoral Research in Molecular Genetics at the University of Antwerp, 2012 Belgium

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The VIB Department of Molecular Genetics is one of 8 research departments of VIB ( With near 100 researchers working in 4 research groups, the department aims to understand the complex nature of neurological human diseases. The department disposes over the expertise of centralized service facilities like the Genetic Service Facility and the Diagnostic Service Facility, as well as central units with expert knowledge in functional genomics, technology development and bio-informatics. The candidate should be holder of a recent PhD degree, self-motivated and highly creative. The applicant is expected to have a strong interest in Drosophila genetics, neuroscience, molecular and cell biology; knowledge of sphingolipid biology would be a plus. Necessary skills: laboratory experience with fly work, molecular and cell biology; team player with a sense of initiative and responsibility, well-organized and mobile. Excellent verbal and written English communication skills, the ability to obtain independent funding and at least one accepted first-author publication in an international peer-reviewed journal are required.

Deadline: November 1st 2012

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