Postdoctoral Research in Nano Sciences (Biofunctional Interfaces) at University of Hasselt , 2012 Belgium

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The central topic is the study on interface effects between solid matter (metals, semiconductors, oxides) and aqueous media and on biological and chemical processes taking place at the interface between ‘solid’ and ‘liquid’. There will be a special focus on electronic conductivity- and heat-transfer phenomena as well as the optical and micro-mechanical aspects of these interfaces. The final goal is the development of new, label-free biosensor concepts for the analysis of protein-protein interactions, genetic assays, and the quantitative detection of cells, metabolites, and pharmaceutically active molecules. An important issue are targeted morphological and biochemical surface modifications, allowing for the specific and selective recognition of molecules, cells, and genetic material. The development of dedicated analytical methods, allowing to address the scale of individual cells and molecules, is also part of this research project.

The candidate has research interest; Good knowledge of English; Problem solving capacity; Diploma Ph.D. in physics, nanosciences, engineering, or biomedical sciences (or equal). Relevant research experience in the field of biosensors is considered as a benefit. Candidates who have not yet obtained their Ph.D. can apply, provided that the Ph.D. is awarded before the end of September 2012

Deadline: 28 September 2012

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