Postdoctoral Research Position in Biomedical Molecular Biology at Ghent University, 2012 Belgium

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Cells acquire metabolic alterations to satisfy needs associated with high proliferative potential. These changes are necessary to ensure ATP generation, synthesis of macromolecules and redox homeostasis. In solid tumours, these adaptations become determinant for survival in the stressful microenvironment, where concentrations of nutrients such as glucose, glutamine and oxygen are often restricted. There is growing interest in understanding the main metabolic requirements of tumour cells and to unveil the associated genetic changes, in order to pave the way to new cancer therapeutic approaches. The project will focus on high throughput metabolomics and genomics to identify the main genomic/metabolic networks alterations in cancer or neurons, with a particular focus on the p63/p73 family of transcription factors.

Ph.D. or M.D. Good knowledge and skills in working with metabolism analysis, cell biochemistry, protein and RNA analysis, mammalian cell culture and cell transfections, immunofluorescence. Good publication record, excellent writing and reporting skills Propensity to drive and focus to work at a highly competitive international level with full commitment to publication of data.

Deadline: 2012-09-30

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