Research Assistants Position in Molecular Physics at Linköping University, 2012 Sweden

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This announcement is for two different positions; the successful candidates will work in parallel on related projects, and will need to cooperate closely with each other and with other partners in the project. Position 1. Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) provide versatile model systems for investigating fundamental aspects of the interactions of marine fouling organisms with surfaces. In this project, the molecular-level mechanisms behind settlement and adhesion on peptide and oligosaccharide SAMs will be investigated. This includes preparation and characterization of the SAMs, as well as conducting settlement and fouling assays with marine organisms. The appointee is required to visit other European partners to conduct laboratory bioassays with marine organisms. For this position we are seeking students with a degree in Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences, Engineering Biology or similar. Competence in surface chemistry would be an advantage. Position 2. In our laboratories, we have developed imaging Surface Plasmon Resonance (iSPR) for real-time in situ investigation of the surface exploratory behaviour of barnacle cypris larvae. The deposition of proteinaceous adhesives is monitored as cyprids explore and temporarily attach to surfaces. The appointee will development methods to improve the lateral resolution of this setup to enable tracking of smaller organisms, and/or increase the effective field of view using tracking or other methods. The EU Marie Curie Training Network rules for funding and eligibility imply that the position is available to citizens of any country other than Sweden, and applicants must not have spent more than 12 months working or studying in Sweden in the last 3 years. Further, applicants must have a degree which makes them eligible for doctoral studies (M.Sc. or equivalent), and cannot have more than four years of research experience after obtaining this degree.

Deadline: 11 September, 2012

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