Research Associate Position in Experimental Petrology and Geochemistry at University of Bristol, UK

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The School of Earth Sciences seeks a post-doctoral research associate (PDRA) in the field of high pressure/temperature experimental petrology and geochemistry. The PDRA will be involved in a major new research initiative to investigate the development of porphyry copper deposits as part of a new collaborative venture with BHP Billiton. The PDRA is fully-funded by BHP Billiton from February 1st 2013 to 30th June 2015, with potential to extend funding subject to success of project. The larger research project entails an interdisciplinary study of porphyry copper mineralization using a combination of field geology (at selected sites in the Andes), the interplay of tectonics and mineralisation, physical volcanology, igneous geology, geomorphology and landscape development and experimental petrology. The research team comprises 3 academic staff members, 2 dedicated post-doctoral researchers and four PhD students, all funded through BHP Billiton. The PDRA will conduct high pressure/temperature experiments relevant to the generation of porphyry copper deposits using the impressive array of in-house experimental and analytical apparatus.

You should have a PhD in earth sciences, prior research experience in experimental petrology of high temperature fluids and melts and interest in the formation of hydrothermal ore deposits.

Deadline: 01 Oct 2012

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