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Research Positions in Business at VU University Amsterdam, 2012 Netherlands

As part of the appointment you will spend about half of each week acquainting yourself with research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as academic writing skills needed to conduct PhD research. Experienced researchers will further coach and support you in writing your first academic paper and research proposal. In the other half of your employment you will be working as a junior researcher within different ABRI research tracks in order to broaden your knowledge and perspective of different domains of business and management research. By participating in the programme you will gain hands-on experience through such ‘research-internships’.

Anyone holding a Master’s degree with good grades in Economics, Business Administration, Operations Research, Sociology, or a related discipline can apply for the Junior Researcher position. Master’s students currently enrolled in any of the above mentioned studies may also apply. We expect candidates to show a real interest in research and to be proficient in written and spoken English. As part of the application, candidates are requested to submit a formal proposal outlining their own research plans, and in preparation for a larger PhD research project.