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Senior Research Position in Atmospheric Boundary Layer Modeling and Observation, DTU, Denmark 2012

You will be part of an international team carrying out research in wind energy related meteorology, where the working language is English. As Senior Researcher you will participate in a number of research projects and be called upon to lead some of these. We also expect you to participate in generating new research projects within our overall strategy. You will have a considerable amount of freedom to define your own research focus. Supervision of PhD and Master Students will be expected. Among others, you will be working on the development of atmospheric boundary layer, wind profile, and turbulence models and parameterizations and their validation using state-of-the-art measuring techniques, particularly, ground-based remote sensing. You will be also working on the development of models and software related to wind power meteorology and wind resource assessment (including wind turbine wakes).

-A PhD degree within a relevant research field of wind energy (e.g. geophysics, engineering) or equivalent -Academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding a position as Researcher or Postdoc -A number of publications appropriate to a Senior Researcher -Experience in atmospheric boundary layer, wind and turbulence modeling (including spectral analysis, atmospheric stability, wind profiles) -Experience with measurements of the atmospheric boundary layer over land and over sea (wind, fluxes, spectra) -Experience with remote sensing instrumentation such as wind lidars and sodars -Experience in advanced data analysis of wind and turbulence measurements from traditional and remote sensing instrumentation Experience in wind power meteorology (wind resources and wakes) -Experience in microscale wind flow modeling (WAsP and WAsP Engineering) -Experience in mesoscale modeling (WRF) -Experience in CFD, computational tools and numerical simulation of boundary layers